Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bye bye Volvo, bienvenido Civic/Out with the old, in with the new!

Gracias al programa llamado "Cash for Clunkers" (dinero por chatarra), mi cuñada finalmente cambió su Volvo, año 1987, por un Honda Civic azul. Ella quería tanto a su coche que le dió mucho trabajo decidirse, sin embargo ahora esta muy contenta con su nueva adquisición. Todos en la familia estamos muy orgullosos de ella. Pensábamos que nunca iba a comprar otro coche. ¡Muy bien hecho cuñis!

Thanks to the program "Cash for Clunkers", yesterday my sister-in-law turned in her 22 year old Volvo. She loved that car so much, that she is still a little sad about seeing it go. However, she is very excited about her new beautiful blue Honda Civic. We are all very proud of her. At some point, we thought she would never buy another car. She did it. You go sister!


  1. Sara,
    Terry & I thought we felt a rip in the fabric of the universe, but apparently it was you changing the balance of the cosmos. Congratualtions on the purchase of your first new car in 3 decades.
    Wishing you many happy and safe miles together.
    Thanks to Silvia and her husband for getting Sara in to a new, releiable mode of transportation.
    Terry y Elisa

  2. Hello Terry y Elisa, isn't it beautiful! love the blue.